My name's Daniel

I'm the founder, creator, designer and customer support here at Mukadi

Mukadi was made to help you in making better decisions

The idea behind Mukadi is to pick up the slack where decisions need to be made.

Whether you acquire more money or get stuck in a tight situation, Mukadi is designed to find ways to better optimize your money.

Features that get you results

Designed to help you make better financial decisions in an easy-to-follow format.

Custom Tool

Introduce better spending habits

Fight against harmful habits like overspending and plenty more.

Easy Customize

Achieve your financial goals

Simplify your goals and make them more attainable through Mukadi.

Safe Chat

Save for what you want

Get insights on various savings strategies to build those accounts.

Relevant Platform

Detail how much you're making

Retain money more efficiently and keep track of how it's spent.

Trust Builds

Prepared for drastic situations

Always have money saved and growing in case of emergencies.

Auto Layout

Build on what you know

Build on what you know through our simple, easy to follow articles.

Starting Mukadi...

Mukadi started out as a smaller project in my college dorm when I wanted to program something to manage my money.

At certain points I lived paycheck to paycheck, made terrible personal finance decisions and over-drafted more than I'd like to admit.

Eventually as I cut back and made plans to improve my finances, I wondered if there was a system that kept track of my financial choices and offered suggestions based on my situation, good or bad.

And in so few words, that's how Mukadi came to mind.

Losing control of where your money is going? Let Mukadi help you take back control