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Mukadi provides a unique view of your finances focusing on how your buying decisions impact finances today and in the future.

Let Mukadi guide you

Designed to help you make better financial decisions in an easy-to-follow format.

Balance buying decisions
Discover your best and worst financial moves that help or hinder your goals.
Track spending behavior
Get to know how you spend, and what habits are setting you back from peace of mind.
Find out the impact before it's too late
Stay a few steps ahead by knowing how purchases may affect your finances in the long run.

Features that get you results

One less headache to deal with.
Here are a few ways Mukadi could relieve your current financial stress and ease your future.

Custom Tool

Introduce better spending habits

Fight against harmful habits like overspending and plenty more.

Easy Customize

Achieve your financial goals

Simplify your goals and make them more attainable through Mukadi.

Safe Chat

Save for what you want

Get insights on various savings strategies to build those accounts.

Relevant Platform

Detail how much you're making

Retain money more efficiently and keep track of how it's spent.

Trust Builds

Prepared for drastic situations

Always have money saved and growing in case of emergencies.

Auto Layout

Build on what you know

Build on what you know through our simple, easy to follow articles.

Stay on top of income at various stages in life

Get a clear, easy to follow view of various income details.

Get estimates on upcoming paychecks
Review breakdowns on income spending
Obtain analyses on the impacts of raises and drops

Take a step back to see the bigger picture

Balance your spending habits through insights on how much goes in and out of your accounts.

Follow your account changes in real-time
View detailed, interesting stats on spending and earnings
Create limits on purchases over time

Grow your savings to the numbers you've dreamed of

Create detailed savings strategies that help you save consistently.

Develop an ever-growing Emergency fund
Track savings growth using compounding interest tools
Choose from several popular savings strategies

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